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Episode 24: Flirting 102 – The Shake and Shimmy

Hello ladies. Look at your man, now back to us. Now back at your man, now back to us. Sadly, he isn’t us. But if he started listening to Something To Talk About, he could join us in sharing all the things we don’t understand about flirting.

Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re who knows where listening to Judith and Amy share embarrassing stories about failed attempts at flirting. What’s in your hand? It’s your phone with the latest episode queued up and ready to go. Your phone is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you join the STTA Podcast conversation. I’m on a horse.

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Episode 23: Flirting 101

This week on Something To Talk About Judith and Amy try to unpack how they flirt and if they’re flirtatious people. Tune in next week when they continue the discussion to try and identify what they get and don’t get about flirting.

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Episode 22: Bun and Bubs. But also … PSA: Wait!

Back by popular demand … pet peeves part 2! And what makes the cut? Words, public transit etiquette, nose picking, self-checkout line encroaching, and more. Join Amy and Judith for a little rant session about all the latest things that drive them crazy, and let us know yours @sttapodcast, or email us at

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Episode 21: Let me be ONE with the Bees!

What’s the difference between a fear and a phobia? We’re not entirely sure, but this week we share ours! Join Judith and Amy as they talk about different types of fears, their own personal fears, fears they didn’t know existed, and how to face your fears (!) or not, if that’s your thing.

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Episode 20: Everyday mysteries

Last week’s mystery theme continues on this episode of Something To Talk About, only this time we’re tackling  everyday mysteries. “What?” you wonder. Well, we’ll tell you! Tune in to this episode of Something To Talk About to unravel the everyday mysteries of the missing drier sock, golf, pants, and moths without mouths!

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Episode 18: Stars on Ice Edition

We loved it, we know we loved it, although it was so magical it’s hard to recall!

This week on Something To Talk About, Judith and Amy recap their night at Stars on Ice Canada, talking all about their favourite routines and new found love for figure skating and ice dancing. If anybody else went to see Stars on Ice (in Canada or the United States) send us an email at and let us know what your favourite routines were!

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Episode 17: We got it from our mommas!

After two wonderful weeks of guests, the regular team is back in the building! Judith and Amy use this week’s episode to talk all about their mommas. But, before we can get to that, we bring you breaking news about KSQM Sequim. Tune in and tell us all about your mommas!

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Episode 16: We lost some hoomans …

How would you define nostalgia? Is it sentiment? Longing for days gone by? And how would you define home? Is it a person, a place, or just a feeling you experience? In continuation from last week, Amy, Judith, and their special guests delve into these these questions, identifying where they’ve experienced nostalgia in life—both the happy and sad kind.

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Episode 15: I found a hooman!

It’s late, it’s long, and it’s recorded on a laptop. (Sorry about that, by the way. Our bad.) But Episode 15 is here!

This week, Judith and Amy discuss square boobs, Japanese horror films, British vocabulary, and ghost walks with two very special guests. Join the conversation at and @sttapodcast on Instagram and Twitter!